At the craft fair h+h cologne

The last weekend in March in always reserved for the international craft fair h+h cologne in Cologne, and as every year we drove down to find out about and test new products. Of course it also is a lot of fun to meet so many people who share the same passion for knitting and crocheting 🙂

There was a lot to see – too much actually to physically be able to have a look at in a few hours, and way too much to write in detail about in a single post post – so I am going to sum up the some most important new products from Knit Pro, ChiaoGoo and Addi.

Knit Pro

Knit Pro presented two new product lines this year. One of them is the so called Smartstix-Series which includes single points, DPNs, circulars and interchangeable sets. They are marked at 2 cm-intervals on both the needle and the cord, so you can measure your creations on the go and also use them for your gauge measurement. Made from aluminum, they are lightweight and easy to knit with.


The second new product is the Ginger-line which is a line of beautiful wooden interchangeable knitting needles and crochet hooks. We loved not only the precision of the needles but also how well the needle and hook cases are made. They are more expensive then the usual Knit Pro product, but the sets also incude more tips.


Both lines, the Smartstix as well as the Ginger line, include interchangeable sets with either 4″- and 5″-needle tips.


Mostly new shorter needle tips and cables – that’s what ChiaGoo has to offer in 2019. Along with their 4″- and 5″-tips, they now also offer 3″-individual tips. New extra short red cables (2″ long) will be available as well as the X-flexible blue cables, which come in 2″-, 5″-, 6″ and 8″-length. Along with the Shortie set you can now also get sets with needle sizes 3,5 mm to 5mm.


Also new are the interchangeable/tunesian crochet hooks, which can be used with any of the knitting cables. Now you can join a crochet hook on one side of the cord and a knitting needle on the other: a useful feature when adding a crochet border around a knitted item as you go or picking up stitches more easily.



Addipresented us with new versions of the CraSy Trios and the Sockenwunder. From April on, the latter ones will finally be available with lace tips, and the Trios – bamboo and metal – will be available with lace tips on both ends. Du to the sharper and more pointy tip, the overall length of each trio needle will be a bit longer though.


One product that we were extremely fond of is Addi’s new Novel circular needle (bottom right on the picture above). This is an ergonomic square knitting needle with a lace tip and features a structured, but smooth and rounded surface. It felt very comfortable to hold and is supposed to be ideal for people who are experiencing hand and/or finger pain or fatigue. You will definitely find these in our shop in the future!

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting products for every knitting and crocheting addict coming out this year. Unfortunately HiyaHiya did not participate this time, but nevertheless we barely had enough time to see and meet all the producers and people we had planned on seeing. That’s what h+h cologne 2020 will be for 😉 So watch out for many new items in our shop very soon!