Hiya Hiya vs ChiaoGoo – A Knitting Needle Comparison

One of the questions I get asked the most and that is also topic of numerous threads in knitting forums is what the difference between Hiya Hiya and ChiaoGoo knitting needles is and which one people prefer. In this post, I would like to show you some of the differences and similarities of the two knitting needle brands. I will not focus on the differences in their product ranges though but instead give you a direct comparison of Hiya Hiya’s and ChiaoGoo’s circular and double pointed needles, from their anatomy to how it feels to work with them.

Country-Creativ has become international!

Good news for all our international customers: Finally our shop at has been translated into English as well! We had been getting many questions and requests from non-German speaking knitters and crocheters who wanted to buy products but simply didn’t understand anything…

Not every category and product has been translated yet, but this will happen over the next little while and the most important products like knitting needles and crochet hooks you can already find in English. So forget about Brexit and shop now 😉