Concept by Katia – Creative yarn from Spain

We have been offering the yarn series “Concept” by the spanish manufacturer Katia for a while now because we really like the diversity and quality of their products. Which yarns we decided to carry and what they can be used for is topic of today’s blog post.

About Katia

Katia was originally founded in 1951 as a yarn brand of the spanish manufacturer Hilaturas Génesis in Barcelona. It became its own brand in the 70ies and the production of yarns, pattern instructions and magazines was started. Due to the big DIY-movement in the recent years, Katia became more and more popular and offers today a broad selection of creative knitting and crocheting yarns which is expanded every year with new products and product series.

The Concept series

We really like all the different yarns of the Concept series, which is the luxury line from Katia, and are currently offering ten different qualities: Air Alpaca Degradé, Alpaca Silver, Atmosfera, Cotton Merino, Kashwool Socks&More, Kena, Lagom, Silky Lace, Tencel-Merino and Ultralight Merino. All of these are either mixed alpaca, raw wool or merino yarns and come in a large variety of colors. And again: If you are looking for a particular color that we don’t offer, please contact us. We are more then happy to order it in for you.

Air Alpaca Degradé

This is a very fine and lightweight alpaca yarn with 46% polyamid. It has a two-coloured degrade effect which makes for beautiful and elegant sweaters, cardigans and shawls. It also has a high yardage (230 m / 50 g). We recommend needle size 5,5-6,5 mm.


Alpaca Silver

Alpaca Silver is also an alpaca yarn with 7% polyester. It comes in pastell colors and has a slight silver shine to it. Due to its fluffiness and low weight, it is ideal for warm winter clothing and accessoires. The yardage is 120 m / 50g and is knitted with 4-4,5 mm needles.



Atmosfera is an autumnal alpaca yarn in dark nuances with a special color effect. The yarn is tube like which makes it warm and thick but still very lightweight and axtremely soft. You can knit beautiful and cozy winter jackets, sweaters, hats and sweaters which will be knitted in a breeze thanks to the high yardage of 150 g / 50m. We recommend needle size 6-6,5 mm.


Cotton Merino

This beautiful yarn consists of 70% cotton and 30% merino. It is light but still very warm and soft and ideal for lighter jackets and sweaters for fall as well as ponchos. The yardage is 105 m / 50 g skein and it is knitted with 4,5-5 mm needles.


Kashwool Socks&More

As the name applies, Kashwool Socks&More is a superwash sock yarn with an additional 5% cashmere. It is not only for socks though: Even scarves, hats and baby accessoires can be knitted up quickly with this beautiful yarn. Due to the high yardage of 410 m / 100 g you only need one skein for an adult sized pair of socks.



Kena is a mixed yarn with 78% alpaca and 22% polyamid. It works well for lightweight large jackets, sweaters, cardigans and much more and also has a chain structure to it. The yardage is120 m / 50 g and we recommend needle size 4,5-5 mm.



“Lagom” is Swedish and means “just right, just enough”. And the Lagom yarn is definetely just that! It consists of 47% merino wool, 40% cotton and 13% polyamid and comes in many natural and soft colors. The yarn is very voluminous and ideal for winter jackets, sweaters, children’s jackets and also textured patterns – the stitches simply look beautiful with this yarn. Like Kena, it also has a chain structure. The yardage is 200 m / 50 g and is knitted with 4,5-5 mm needles.


Silky Lace

We love Silky Lace. It is a superwash extrafine merino wool with 20% silk added. Not only does it look very elegant due to the slight shimmering effect and the soft colors, you can also knit up quickly beautiful light fall sweaters, jackets, lace shawls and cowls due to its yardage of 260 g / 50 g skein.



Tencel-Merino is a mixture of lyocell and raw merino wool with a yardage of 135 m / 50 g. This environmentally friendly yarn has moisture controlling properties and makes great indoor sweaters, warm tops and jackets and comes in a variety of dark and winterly colors. The fine threads and slight shein also make it a great option for elegant shawls and scarves as well as textured patterns. We recommend needle size 3-3,5 mm.


Ultralight Merino

Ultralight Merino is a very fine and lightweight merino wool yarn with 7% polyamid. It has a lot of volume and is ideal for ponchos, jackets and many other warm and comfortable winter clothes. This yarn has a subtle two color-effect which is not noticeable in some of the nuances; it works best in textured patterns. The yardage is 110 m / 50 g and needle size 6-7 mm is recommended.


If you would like to see the yarns “in action”, checkout ot our Instagram account. We now and then post pictures from knitted items or our works in progress. Katia itself is also very active not only on their own website, where a lot of patterns and also knitting videos and tutorials can be found, but also on social media. There, you will find great inspiration for the Concept yarns 😉