Furls Crochet – novelty crochet hooks

I have mentioned Furls crochet hooks several times in the past – these are luxury crochet hooks handmade in California from the highest quality materials and with a special ergonomic design. Many of you might be wondering if they are really worth their price, so I thought it might be good to write a blog post about them!

The American manufacturer Furls is specialised in producing high quality crochet hooks, hook holders, hook cases and yarn bowls. The founder Harrison Richards came up with the idea to design ergonomic crochet hooks which should not only be a visual highlight but also enable a comfortable crocheting experience since regular crochet hooks quite often result in hand and/or finger pain.

The design and materials

Furls offers several product lines which feature different materials and shapes; we currently offer the Streamline-series in wood and Swirl (made from Polyresin) and the Odyssee-series (Polyresin; certain colors also have a golden tip).


A first glance you will notice the drop shaped shaft of the hooks. It fits perfectly in your hand without feeling bulky. The tip is shaped precisely and feels smooth and even. The wooden needles from the Streamline wood-series are made from Camwood and Rosewood and are not only visually appealing but also very light, despite being very durable and strong. The Odyssee-series hooks are – due to the Polyresin and metal they are made of – a lot heavier, which is not necessarily negative: According to the manufacturer, the heavier tip actually enables the forward movement while crocheting. Still, I personally prefer the wooden hooks.

Odyssee Gold – crocheting with 14 K gold hooks

The hooks in the Odyssee Gold-series feature a 14 K golden tip. However, this is not just to make them look pretty: Gold is a very smooth material and the stitches glide even easier and faster. The Odyssee Gold-hooks still have the same ergonomic shape as all other Furls hooks, but also a sprinkle design on the shaft.

Crocheting without finger cramps or pains

It really is a joy to crochet with Furls crochet hooks. The yarn slides easily and effortlessly and even more complicated stitches are easy to work. I am personally very fond of the ergonomic design and find the hooks to lay extremely comfortable in the palm of my hand. I am able to crochet for hours without any finger cramps or pain – usually I can’t do that and always need breaks in between – not with the Furls though! They truly feel just like an extension of your finger.


Are they really woth their price?

Due to them being hand manufactured from high quality materials, Furls crochet hooks have their price – and I can understand that not everyone is willing or even able to spend that much on a crochet tool. Just like Signature knitting needles, Furls are a luxury accessoire which one can buy – but does not have to. I can definetely recommend them though to people with arthritis and finger pains. The special ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to crochet. I also found my stitches to be very even; due to the smooth surface of the tip they simply just slide along effortlessly.

Why not try a Furls crochet hook in one of your most used hook sizes? This way you can see if they work for you and maybe even help you to crochet more comfartably. I love them 😉