KnitPro Ginger Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Earlier his year at h+h cologne we had he opportunity to try out Knit Pro’s new Ginger series which consists of DPNs, fixed and interchangeable knitting needles as well as interchangeable/tunisian crochet hooks. We really loved the products and decided to carry them in our shop immediately. Today I would like to tell you a little bit about the Ginger DeLuxe Interchangeable set.


The details

All Ginger needles are made from laminated birch wood and they truly are beautiful. Lightweight and smooth, they are very comfortable to hold in your hands. The DeLuxe set is available with 4 inch-tips as well as 5 inch-tips. Both sets include:

  • 11 pairs of needle tips (3,50 mm to 12 mm)
  • 1 premium needle case
  • 6 cables (2 x 60 cm, 2 x 80 cm and 2 x 100 cm)
  • 12 end caps
  • 6 cord keys
  • 1 magnetic pattern holder
  • 1 pen
  • 2 cable connectors
  • 20 Linea stitch markers

One word about the needle case…

Knit Pro is not famous for including great needle cases in their sets – they do their job but aren’t usually that pretty. Not the Ginger needle cases though! These are made from imitation leather and include – along with a reseable pocket for storing all the accessoiries – an awesome feature: The leather loops on each side can be used to make the case stand up, and the magnetic strip on the other side of the needles can be used to hold your pattern. It’s perfect for those knitters who like to have a printed pattern in front of them, instead of an electronic screen.


The quality of the needles

In the past, Knit Pro did not always offer the best quality products; especially the transition between needle tip and cord seemed to big a problem in many needles as it was quite bumpy and stitches could get stuck. When we first saw the needles and put them in our hands, we were amazed at how well made they were: All tips are evenly shaped, very smooth and the transition is basically not noticeable. Tips and cables are easily assembled; still, the quality of the thread is not as perfect as it is in ChiaoGoo’s or Kinki Amibari’s needles and I did have some trouble with screweing one tip onto a cable; however, this was resolved by screwing and unscrewing them together and apart a few times. Some threads might need a little bit of wearing in.

The cables of the Ginger series are also very different from other Knit Pro cables, even though they are compatible and you can use a Ginger cable with any of Knit Pro’s other line’s tips. The Ginger cables are made from a different material and feel a lot more flexible in my opinion, which makes them an ideal choice when doing Magic Loop, which I personally cannot do with the regular Knit Pro cables.

So do we like Knit Pro’s Ginger needles?


There is not much to say about it: We love the new Ginger series. Being so lightweight and smooth, they are a joy to knit. The stitches slide along tip and cable easily, the tips are sharp but not painfully sharp and all the included accessoiries like cable connectors, end caps and stitch markers in various sizes are very useful. I was also positively surprised that even though the tips are made from wood, my hands did not get sweaty using them even in the worst heat of the summer.


Keep it up, Knit Pro!

Knit Pro has really surprised us with the Ginger product line and we absolutely love the products. The DeLuxe sets are a bit more pricey then all other Knit Pro sets, however, they include a lot more needles and accessoiries and the quality is much higher then we would have ever expected from Knit Pro. We know these needles (and hooks) will be loved by many and we truly hope Knit Pro will continue creating products like these and keep up with this quality standard!