Knitting with square needles: The Addi Novels

I have told you about Addi’s new knitting needles on Instagram before and since I really think these so called Novel needles are a great invention, I would like to tell you a little bit more about them and explain to you how they differ from other knitting needles.

What are Addi Novels?

Addi Novels are new knitting needles from Addi which are currently only offered as fixed circulars. They are made from white bronze, are extremely lightweight and have the Addi lace tip. The transition between needle tip and cable is – as in all Addi fixed circulars – very smooth and barely noticeable, and the red cord is thin and flexible.


What makes Addi Novels different from regular knitting needles is the shape of the tips: They aren’t round but square and have small “nubs” on their surface which make for a completely new knitting experience – it is almost like getting a massage for your fingers!

The advantages of knitting with square needles

The concept of knitting with square needles is not new – manufacturers such as Knit Pro and Kollage Square Needles have been making square needles for a while. These are supposed to work especially weel for people wth arthritis and other joint or muscular pains due to their ergonomic shape, and they can help to prevent cramps and stress related finger problems. Many knitters also find themselves to knit more evenly and neatly, particularly when knitting stockinette in rows.

So what does it feel like to knit with the Addi Novels?

The first time I came across these new needles was at the h+h cologne. Back then I could only take a quick look at them but now I have finally knitted some items and was able to test them more thoroughly. And I have to say – I really enjoy Addi Novels. They are so lightweight and the textured surface feels awesome in my hands. Like all Addi metal needles, they are extremely slick and the stitches almost “fly” along the needles – but don’t worry, the little nubs help to prevent the stitches or yarn overs from falling off 😉 The red flexible cable also works well for Magic Loop.


I personally don’t have joint problems or finger pain when knitting, but once in a while when having knitted for a longer period of time I do experience mild finger cramping. I did not experience this when knitting with Addi Novels, and I also noticed more even stitches. It does feel a little awkward at first when the needles are touching since the nubs rub against each other and rattle a tiny bit. However, this feeling went away just a few minutes after I began knittting, and now I don’t even notice it any longer.


I also very much like the fact that needle and cable size is printed onto the cable. If unsure, you can still measure your Addi Novel with a regular knitting needle gauge.

The lace tip is still not my favourite even if it is much sharper than Addi’s regular tip. I prefer very pointy tips like ChiaoGoo’s or HiyaHiya Sharp’s tips, but this is of course my very personal preference.


Please check your gauge!

A tip when knitting with square needles: Since the circumference of a circle is larger then that of a square with the same diameter, you should always choose a size larger when knitting with square needles. If you use a 4 mm regular needle for example, you should choose a 4,25 or 4,5 mm Addi Novel. But as always: Please check your gauge to make sure you know how many stitches you are getting. Every knitter is different!

Summing it up

I love the Addi Novel knitting needles – they feel great in my hands and the textured surface is an awesome invention. Due to their low weight and slickness I can knit extremely fast which I also love. I very much recommed them not only to people with arthritis or other health issues, but really to every knitter who likes knitting with slick metal needles and doesn’t need or want an extremely sharp tip.