PONY Circular Knitting Needles – Flair, Rosewood and Perfect

Do you know PONY knitting needles? Some may be familiar with their aluminum or plastic double and single pointed needles, which tend to be in the lower price range. Little is known about the fact that PONY also offers a large range of circular knitting needles – including interchangeable ones – which is why I would like to introduce some of them to you in this blog post.

We have been selling PONY knitting needles in our shop for some time now, as we were won over by the quality and price to performance aspect. In addition to their single and double pointed needles, we also have interchangeable circular knitting needles from PONY’S Flair, Rosewood and Perfect series in our range.

The Tips

All needle tips in the three series are wooden; the Flair needles are made from sustainably grown maple wood and then color-polished, the needles in the Rosewood series are made from durable and dark colored rosewood. Only sustainably grown wood is used for the needles of the Perfect series; these will catch you eye immediately due to the beautiful grain. Since all needle tips are polished, the surface of is extremely smooth, which ensures that your stitches will glide along the needle tip effortlessly. The ferrule as well as the ferrule holder is made of brass.

A big plus are the tip lengths: All interchangeable tips are available in either 10.5 cm or XXL 14 cm length!

You will notice that the taper of the needle tips is very different from standard tapers: the angle of the taper becomes even flatter at the tip end, which creates a “double tip”. This is to prevent the wool from splitting.

Glydon – The Patented Join

A truly awesome feature of PONY circular knitting needles is the Glydon transition. This is a small ball at the end of the cable into which the ferrule is anchored. No tools such as a grip or tightening key are required; simply using your hands to screw cable and tip together is sufficient enough.

The cables also differ from other manufacturers: They are transparent and hollow, and also significantly thicker. For comparison you can see a PONY cable next to a red Chiaogoo Red Lace cable, which is already thicker than many others, in the following picture:

Despite their larger circumference, PONY cables are very flexible and also suitable for Magic Loop. I have to admit, they remind me a bit of fruit gummy ropes 😉

Knitting with PONY Interchangeable Knitting Needles

I had already mentioned it at the beginning of this blog post: We were won over by the quality and the price to performance aspect of the PONY circular knitting needles. The stitches glide along smoothly over the needle tips and enable effortless and efficient work. The tips are pointy, but not uncomfortably sharp, and more complex stitch types like k3tog or p3tog tbl are no problem to execute.

We also really like the Glydon transition, as needle tips and cables are very easy to screw together, and this without additional tools. Needle tips from other manufacturers sometimes tend to unscrew themselves from the cable while knitting, if they have not been tightened with a grip or tightening key – this has not happened to me with PONY needles so far.

We particularly enjoy the option of using extra-long needle tips. Many knitters prefer longer tips, as these often allow a better and more comfortable holding position. However, interchangeable circular needles are often only 10 cm or 12 cm long, which is why PONY has a clear unique selling point with its 14 cm long tips.

A small drawback has to be mentioned though: the color finish of the Flair needle tips can sometimes flake off a little with frequent use, the area on the brass holder of the ferrule is particularly susceptible to this. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to the stitches not gliding along completely smoothly, especially when using thinner yarn and using the Magic Loop knitting method. In our case, however, it only occurred once.

Our Conclusion

We definetely recommend the circular knitting needles Flair, Rosewood and Perfect to everyone who wants to be able to combine and switch between different needle types and series in one system and who is looking for an alternative to other common manufacturers such as Knit Pro.