Sandnes Garn – Yarn made in Norway

Some of you might not know that along with knitting needles, crochet hooks and other yarn related products we also sell a small but exclusive range of wool and yarns. We thought it might be nice for you to read about the yarn manufacturers and their products, especially when our range is growing and new products are coming in. In this blog post I would like to present to you the Norwegian producer Sandnes Garn.

About the manufacturer

SANDNES GARN AS was founded 1888 under the name Sandnes Uldvarefabrik in the city of Sandnes. It is one of the oldest yarn manufacturing factory in Norway and specialised in the production of hand knitting yarn, both ‘woolen’ and ‘worsted’ types. Even Alpaca and cotton are part of their range. The raw wool used to solely come from Norwegian sheep, due to the large request for thinner and softer yarn Sandnes now also uses raw wool from Uruguay. The wool is purchased unprocessed on spools and is then wound to hanks and dyed before being wound to skeins.

The yarn qualities

Being one of the largest and most well-known yarn manufacturer in Scandinavia (where everyone seems to knit 😉 ), Sandnes offers a broad range of different yarn types and qualities. We currently offer four types of yarn: Alpakka, Børstet Alpakka, Kos and Silk Mohair.


This is a gorgeous soft 100% alpaca yarn. It has a yardage of 100 m / 50 g skein and is knitted with needle size 3,5-4 mm. It is ideal for luxurious warm sweaters, scarves and so much more. We love all the colors it comes in as well.


Børstet Alpakka

“Børstet” means brushed, and this yarn actually has a similar look to Mohair. It has an additional 4% nylon and a yardage of 110 m / 50g. You can knit very airy and light items with Børstet Alpakka. Recommended needle size is 5-7 mm.


Alpakka Silke

This exlusive yarn has an additional 30% mulberry silk which gives it a slight shein. It is beautifully soft and ideal for fine shawls and scarves as well as light garments and baby blankets. The yardage id 200 m / 50 g and the it is reommended to use needle size 3 mm. You can also combine Alpakka Silke with other yarns such as Sandnes Silk Mohair (see below).



Kos consists of 62% baby alpaca, )% wool and 20% nylon and is knitted with needle size 5,5 mm. It is very yielding due to its yardage of 150g / 50m. Baby clothes, oversized cardigans or sweaters – anything you knit with Kos will be warm while still being very light and airy.


Silk Mohair

We are generally not big fans of Mohair, but we were immediately drawn to Sandnes Silk Mohair yarns. It is made from 60% Kid Mohair, 15% raw wool and 25% silk. It is extremely light and airy and knits up fast. The yardage is 280 m per skein. Winter shawls and clothes with Silk Mohair will be warm and soft without feeling heavy, and you can also combine it with other types of yarn which Kosima loves to do.


Sandnes Garn offers many pattern booklets as well as free patterns on their own website, many of them in different languages as well. We have found great inspiration there, especially for a little bit more modern items as well as Norwegian and Scandinavian style clothes. We recommend checking it out!

Looking for a specific yarn color that we don’t have in stock?

If you are interested in a particular yarn color that we don’t offer in our shop, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to order it for you. This does not only apply to Sandnes yarn, but to every yarn we sell. And even if you are in search of a completely different yarn from one of our manufacturers, send us an email or call us – we will see if we can get it in for you.