Tulip Circular Knitting Needles – Why We Love Them

Knitting needles from Asian manufacturers have become quite popular during the recent years – Chinese manufacturers ChiaoGoo and Hiya Hiya at the forefront. The Japanese company Tulip, which, in addition to knitting needles also offers crochet needles and accessories, is not quite as well known, but offers at least the same level of quality.

Tulip’s awesome crochet hooks are already a favourite of many crocheters; Tulip’s circular knitting needles on the other hand are rather unknown here in Germany. We believe that this should change, and here is why:

The Details

Tulip offers both fixed and interchangeable circular knitting needles – individually and in sets – made of bamboo. The interchangeable tips are available in two different lengths, 9.5 and 12.5 cm.

It is noteworthy that the needle tips are available starting at size 2 mm – this is not common for bamboo needles; in most cases, due to the risk of breaking, they start at 3 mm.

The bamboo differs significantly from the “standard bamboo”, which most knitting needle producers usually use. Tulips bamboo is polished, making it much smoother and at the same time more stable. The tips of the circular knitting needles are relatively pointy for bamboo needles, obviously not quite as sharp as metal needles though. Nevertheless, we have never had problems getting through stitches or knitting complicated increases or decreases.

Cables and Ferrules

Tulip’s cables are made of transparent nylon. They are connected to the tips with a steel ferrule. The transition between bamboo and metal is very smooth and even, no grooves or notches can be felt with your fingers.

But now to the highlight of the needles: the special ferrule on which a ring is placed, which enables needle tips and cables to be connected without additional tools such as a tightening key or grip while still holding together firmly (bullet proof!). No more laborious screwing and tidious tightening. You simply use your hands to conncet once and that’s it. Since the cable rotates, as with Hiya Hiya or ChiaoGoo Spin, the risk of the needle tip and cable coming apart while knitting is further decreases. And this is exactly where Tulip shines: The cables turn without any issue at all – we have never seen this work so effortlessly and smooth and are still blown away!

The little black ring is the secret 🙂

The cables are relatively similar to the ChiaoGoo’s Spin cables. They are flexible and well suited for normal circular knitting, but they are not memory-free, which means that they can kink over time. Therefore, we would not recommend to constantly do Magic Loop with these as we find them a bit too stiff for that and would not want to risk getting any kinks. But they are great for everything else!

Pure Knitting Joy

Knitting truly is a pleasure with Tulip’s knitting needles – the stitches glide along, no annoying pushing and pulling necessary. Due to the natural material bamboo, they feel warm and comfortable in your hands and enable you to knit for long periods of time without finger pain or tiredness. The smooth transition between tip and cable and the resistance-free rotation of the cabl make knitting an even greater pleasure than it already is 😉

The quality and high precision is what makes Tulip unique – and therefore, we believe that the slightly higher price truly is justified. Why not give them a try and see for yourself!